Season’s Readings: a Service Project

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One of my favorite things is reading books with my kids. They love the cuddles and funny voices; I love that their minds are growing every time we read together! I believe every child needs books in their lives, but the sad thing is, not every kid has that. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about this wonderful opportunity to serve others this holiday season and give the gift of LITERATURE to children this year!

The beautiful, thoughtful, generous Aleisha (aka Mama Leisha) and her beautiful, thoughtful, generous sister Erika are being Santa’s little helpers by sending books to kids in need this year!  And they need YOUR help! Click here to help them raise money to cover shipping costs and to bring smiles and stories to sweet little kids. ALSO, follow leishmcd on Instagram  for info on how to donate books, or to submit the name of a child who could benefit from this wonderful cause, #seasonsreadings. Lastly, please help spread the word and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!! Share this post on Facebook, pin it, tweet it, whatever! And share this link  to help make this a success!

Thank you! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



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