Simplify and Savor the Season

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It’s almost Halloween (eek!)! The holidays are upon us and I couldn’t be happier about it! But I know the holidays also bring a lot of stress. Despite our best efforts and hope for making the season feel all cozy and warm and magical and fuzz-covered, it doesn’t always turn out that way. Am I right?

For me, holiday stress doesn’t come from a lack of ways to make memories, or feeling stumped on how to inject the aforementioned fuzzy magic into each day. I’m kind of a Pinterest Mom. Enough said (watch for a long list of holiday traditions to come in the future). My problem with this time of year is in the savoring part. I get so wrapped up in orchestrating it all that I forget to slow down and enjoy each moment as we’re making the memories. Good news, friends! I recently came across a book that is specifically designed to help alleviate holiday stress. It’s called Simplify and Savor the Season, by Connie Sokol.

This book works like a step-by-step guide to helping you plan your holiday season. It focuses on simplifying by prioritizing activities and events, making a plan, and keeping the people that you love and the spirit of the season in mind. There are worksheets to help you stay organized (maybe my favorite part), and even sweet and funny stories to help you get into the holiday spirit.

The “savoring the season” section of the book is exactly what I need! The book defines savoring as “reclaiming the magic of the season, to experience a mature version of what our young children instinctively feel”. I think that’s something we all want, to feel that magic again. Connie gives you three questions to ask yourself in order to keep things simple and to make sure you’re actually enjoying yourself (imagine that!):

  • Am I doing this to create family memories, or for show?
  • Am I making this because I love my family, or to check if off the list?
  • Am I being present in the moment and enjoying this event or am I thinking ahead to when it will be done, or planning the next thing?

This book was just what I needed to help me handle the stress of the season so that I can spend more time enjoying it! I can’t wait to get planning!

Ready for the part with the free stuff? There’s a GIVEAWAY! Please enter below for your chance to win a FREE copy of Simplify and Savor the Season as well as the Simplify and Savor Planner!

Or, if you don’t have your patient pants on and can’t wait for the giveaway, you can purchase your copy of Simplify and Savor the Season right now by clicking here. If you purchase the book any time during the month of October you will receive a FREE Simplify and Savor Planner. It’s the perfect way to keep your holidays on track. There’s even a gift set version available for purchase here if you’d like to share this wonderful book with your friends!

And for all you book club ladies, join Connie for her first “Virtual Book Club”. You can work personally with Connie to set goals, get feedback and read her book together! Email Connie ( put BOOK CLUB in your message. She will be choosing 8 women to participate! Fun!

I hope this helps you as you start to think about the upcoming holiday season. Good luck on the giveaway! I’m going to turn on my Christmas music now. Just kidding (but seriously). Happy Holidays!!

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